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Feature Travel Expert: Ava @spatravelgal

Join me February 27 for my eBook Launch and a chat with some of the industry’s top travel influencers, including my new friend Ava Stritt!

Featured Travel Panel Expert:

Spa Travel Gal - Ava Roxanne Stritt 


Ava Roxanne Stritt is a top authority on luxury travel and is called the most influential person in the world regarding spa travel. Followers of @SpaTravelGal will tell you she is responsible for transforming the idea of a spa day into a wellness adventure! Her passion for unique experiences has carried her around the world from “taking the waters” in Europe’s thermal spas to hiking waterfalls in the rainforests of Ecuador for a massage surrounded by hummingbirds. She is the founder of Spa Travel Gal and a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and Wellness Tourism Association.

Get to Know Ava, as well as her passion for wellness and travel!

1. Where did your interest in travel start? 

As a child, I read National Geographic as if it was Peanuts comic strip. 

2. How long have you been in the industry and where did you get your start? 

My mother traveled the world when I was young. She inspired me to go see the world. After conquering a few other life events, I decided to make my travel dreams come true. 

3. Where is your favorite international destination? 

Germany - I have family roots there. 

4. Tell us about some of your greatest accomplishments to date personally and professionally. 

When I was invited to speak at the World Congress on Thermal Tourism in Nancy, France last year! 

5. What have you learned from traveling the globe? 

I love to meet interesting people and explore unique experiences. 

6. Who is your favorite travel buddy? 

I have a few - my husband, my daughter and my BFF! 

7. Where are you traveling to next?

A sustainable ranch - Vermejo - Ted Turner Reserve. 

Upcoming Events:

Join me February 27 for my eBook Launch and a chat with some of the industry’s top travel influencers!

February 27, 2024

7-9 PM Eastern

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