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How to Pack a Suitcase for International Travel

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

This topic seems like an easy thing to do, but for years I have been asked this question. I have also been asked to create an easy checklist for those traveling abroad. This is no easy task because there are so many variables. So many questions come up such as where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you going with? But, before we get bogged down in all the details, there are common tips that unite us all.

This post features my Top 10 Tips on Packing! After all, I love great travel lists!

Jenifer’s Top 10 Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad

#1 Roll or Cube? That is the question.

Rolling your clothes is just what the title implies. Rolling your clothes around itself and then placing them in your suitcase. This helps prevent wrinkles. You can also do this by outfit, but I find that this takes up a lot of room.

Cubes are packing cubes. You pack the cubes by type of garment. The fabulous thing about packing cubes is that you pull the cube out of your suitcase and put it right into your drawer upon your arrival. Makes it very easy to unpack.

#2 Pack with a color theme

I recommend packing with a color theme in mind. If you love the color red, then have a red dress, red kimono that can be added a few different ways to outfits, add in a leopard print to change it up with some red flats. The idea is that you can use one different pair of shoes, interchange the pants or skirt, and minimize how much you take. Change the jewelry out to make the outfit, which does not weigh a lot.

#3 Put Heavy Items Towards the Wheels

If you are taking a book, or have a heavy coat or shoes, place these items towards the wheels. This stabilizes your suitcase and prevents it from tipping over while standing. It makes it easier to roll when on the go.

#4 How to Pack a Hat

I personally love hats and if I had room in my suitcase, I would pack one for every day. Using my color theme, I try to limit myself to two. Place them inside each other and then place them upside down in your suitcase. Place lighter items in them so you keep the integrity of their shape.

#5 Toiletry Bag

I always keep a toiletry bag with items always stocked. When you are packing your suitcase for travel abroad, this will make it easier if it is kept separate from your everyday items. Why? Because you will not forget something. This happened to me one time! Then, I started keeping lotion, floss, headache medication, and more in my bag ready to go. I will talk about your carry-on in a different section.

#6 Jewelry

Other than your real jewels, lay out your jewelry with each outfit. Then place them in organza bags. I would put your earrings in one bag and place them inside the one that is holding your necklace so that they do not get tangled.

#7 Plug Convertors

You will need these for whichever country you travel. Each country is different. I always let my clients know which ones they will need. You do not have to worry about converting the voltage for your electronics. They are safe. However, if you really need a curling iron, you will need to purchase a special one that is 220V.

#8 Bring an Extra Foldable Tote

I highly recommend bringing an extra foldable tote when packing your suitcase for your abroad trip. Instead of trying to save room in your suitcase for souvenirs, or trying to get your suitcase packed just as you did the first time, I highly recommend this. When I was travelling with my girlfriend in Switzerland, we bought so many souvenirs for all our friends and family, it really came in handy.

#9 Two cloth laundry bags

I recommend taking two laundry bags with you. This will allow you to sort your clothes as they become dirty. When you arrive home, it will be easy to complete the tasks that we must do when returning from travel. If something happens and a pair of shoes become muddy, one of the bags can be used for this instead.

#10 Comfortable Pair of Shoes

When you are packing your suitcase for travel abroad, you will want a comfortable pair or two of shoes. I always want two pairs. One may get wet, it may rub your foot the wrong way one day, or you just want a change. It always helps to have two pairs. Remember – pack them near the wheels at the bottom of the wheels.

What is Next?

After you pack your suitcase for travel abroad, the next thing is to make sure your carry on is ready. You will want to make sure you have certain items and documents. I have some recommended dates to check too.

Check in with me next week when I talk about the items for your carry-on luggage!

What is Next?

I hope you continue to read my blogs. I will have a new post published for you every Thursday at 6 PM! Wow! I better get writing. Also, please follow me at: @IamJeniferBreaux on both Facebook and Instagram, and you can also follow my travel concierge business pages @JBTravelPros on both Facebook and Instagram.

I have an event that I can't wait to tell you about coming up in the fall and a new travel book to be published soon, too.

Thank you for reading my first blog. I appreciate all of you!

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