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How to Travel Internationally With Confidence

International travel can indeed be intimidating for many people due to several reasons, including the unfamiliarity of new cultures, languages, and environments. The psychology of fear associated with travel is often rooted in the fear of the unknown, fear of getting lost, fear of cultural differences, fear of language barriers, and concerns about safety. However, there are several strategies to overcome these fears and travel with confidence.

Get Your Passport Ready!

My first overseas trip without my parents was to Germany. It was to visit my boyfriend (now my husband) between college semesters. It was the days before internet where you now have everything in the palm of your hand. For me, I am always up for an adventure. You say a new trip, new city, or new country and I am your gal. I carefully packed, my parents bought me a fanny pack (hey they were utilitarian and stylish back then) and I was armed with my first passport. I went through immigration, came through the big doors, and there was no boyfriend. I looked around, I could not ask anyone and could not call anyone. I spoke no German and I did not think to prepare any key phrases at the time. I just jumped in with both feet. Is this the best way to go on a trip? Definitely not. The end of the story is he was 10 minutes late but did show up and we got engaged during a trip to Paris, where thankfully I did speak French.

Another best practice I learned from this trip was to be prepared on so many distinct levels to include weather, language and so much more.

Fear of traveling, of the unknown, of the unexpected is a real thing. Sometimes I get calls from my clients’ months before, weeks before and even the day before they are supposed to travel. I even recently got a call from a client once she was on board her ship. I understand the need to know everything that will happen. A well-prepared itinerary, excursions, information about the countries, key phrases and words will help alleviate the stress and fear of travel. But it starts from the beginning, the planning stages. When you start planning early so you have all the key elements and details completed early, you will know that you have a fun and exciting plan. Instead of worrying about the details, you can review and be excited. 

If you think a big trip or a long trip will be overwhelming to you, then start with a small trip. Again, start the planning early. Have a well-prepared itinerary, and details about where you are traveling. Try a few things out of your comfort zone. One thing to try is food that is different from what you normally eat. Another is an activity. If you are a strong swimmer, but have never snorkeled or kayaked, try one of these endeavors. 

Another tip to travel with confidence is to stay flexible. Sometimes airplanes do not leave on time. Most of us know this. We hear about it on the TV, or perhaps this has happened to us or a relative. This also applies to international travel, trips, train trips, and more. Being flexible when things happen allows us to still be in the moment and enjoy ourselves. You are still on your vacation and what is not to love about that? If you are concerned about connections and follow-on pieces of your vacation, then take out vacation insurance. Most if not all cover the costs for missed connections. This will ease your stress and fear of missing out as well as financial burdens.

My final tip to traveling with confidence is to prepare for the trip itself. As I highlighted with my first solo trip to Germany, I did not know key phrases, I did not have any currency, weather information or more. If you are planning your own trips, these are just a few of the things I recommend you do as part of your preparation for your travel. One more thing is to create a custom packing list for where you are going. For example, when visiting St Peters in Rome, no one can wear tank tops. The shoulders must be covered. There are a few other places that have restrictions. When I was in Morocco, there is a mosque open to the public. I had to have pants or a skirt on as a woman along with no bare shoulders. 

Remember, overcoming the fear of international travel is a gradual process. By taking initiative-taking steps and building your confidence over time, you can make your travel experiences more enjoyable and enriching. The world is available for you to explore. You can learn so much about other cultures, learn about your own heritage and have an adventure too.

Everyone Deserves to Travel!

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