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New Year, New Adventures!

I launched my first blog six months ago! I am still as excited as I was that first day. Whether you have followed me for a brief time, or a long time, or are just reading to see what this is about, I am super excited to get to know you and for you to get to know me.

Growing up, I did not travel much. Our small family camped in a tent. When our extended family took trips together, it was always in cabins and doing a lot of activities together such as horseback riding, bumper boats and more. The goal was to spend time together and create memories. 

My Husband Barry and I in China.

I was able to travel to Texas with my grandparents because I had an aunt that was a year younger than me. She needed a traveling companion to do things with. It was a fantastic way to see the country and we were and still are wonderful friends. 

My parents always encouraged us to try new and different foods. I was able to try a lot of seafood, steak and so much more growing up. Because of this, I was able to try more than many that were around me. I still have a curiosity to try new food, even if I do not know how to pronounce it. I have carried this through with my children and for me today. It is not a mistake, but when they all want lobster, it can become pricey.

My mom enrolled me in ballet when I was six. I did not stop dance lessons until I was in college. Again, this was an opportunity to gain experience of different dance styles. For ballet, I started to learn the French words, which was the start to why I studied French in both high school and college. Nothing was planned, but lite a spark which turned into a flame and a fire was born inside me. Afterwards, I was able to travel to Paris. I did not have that thought initially when I started ballet, but one spark turns into a dream manifested.

After graduating high school, I joined the military, received my degree, and was on active duty. I also met my husband, who loves to travel as well. He may not be as adventurous as myself but is up for all our expeditions. During this time, I traveled internationally for work, or for fun. Sometimes they were wonderful places and sometimes they were not. Even if it was a combat zone, I still tried to learn about the customs, try the food, learn some of the language or listen to music. You can learn a lot about the country when you absorb the country through your senses. It is truly magical, and you start to learn about a country and its people. 

 A life-longer learner of the world, I crave an understanding of the world around me and those that live there. To experience the world through the five senses changes your soul and alters how you see the world. This is a gift that has been bestowed upon me. It is these experiences of selfless service and love of travel that took me into my current season.

My family and I on a trip a few years ago.

We adopted our two children from around the world and they made us parents. They have a variety of special needs, which has been their own experience with daily trials, we continue to learn how best to support them. Listen – sometimes it is an hourly trial, but we preserve. They are warriors and have wins every day.

Loving to travel is exciting by itself. During my time serving in the military a flame was ignited within me for experiencing the world. My family and I have truly gained so much knowledge of culture in all it's forms, as we have journeyed together around the globe. We love being a part of new environments, while also embracing a country or their customs. It has truly enriched our lives.

Upon retirement I decided that I wanted to open a travel business, so that I could share my passion for travel with clients across the country. I began traveling in the luxury market as an expert learning to craft trips for my clients and now as a connoisseur of opulent travel, I get to share my adventures across the globe with you. From suites to stunning international cruise ships, or white glove service has been so inspiring to wander the world. And it must be said that once you start doing this, you cannot go back!

This year I look forward to sharing my travels with you, while also giving you the best tips and strategies to help you take trips with ease. I believe that everyone deserves to travel and do it in style. I am so honored that you are on this journey with me.


I have completed a variety of training and certifications for special needs travel. I authored a book for parents with children with special needs. This will help them when it is time to travel. The title is “Travel Is Possible.” You can find this on Amazon at:

If you do not have a child with special needs, the tips apply to neurotypical children as well. The tips are fantastic and are organized by each travel mode.

What is Next?

I hope you continue to read my blogs. They are weekly. I also have a newsletter. Pease follow me at: I am Jenifer Breaux on both Facebook and Instagram, and JBTravelPros on both Facebook and Instagram.

I have a new event within the next two months and a new book coming out. I am also working on a book tour and speaking opportunities. Please contact me if interested at 

Thank you for reading my blog. It may be your first or 26th. I appreciate it and you wherever you are on your travel journey. 

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