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Sensory Friendly Day Trips: Creating Inclusive Adventures

For individuals with sensory sensitivities, a typical day trip can be overwhelming, making it difficult to enjoy the experience fully. Sensory-friendly day trips are designed to accommodate these sensitivities, providing a more inclusive and enjoyable outing for everyone. In this blog, we'll explore the concept of sensory-friendly day trips and provide some ideas for creating memorable and accommodating adventures.

Understanding Sensory Sensitivities

Before we delve into sensory-friendly day trips, it's crucial to understand what sensory sensitivities are. Sensory sensitivities can affect individuals with conditions like autism, sensory processing disorder, or anxiety. These sensitivities can manifest in various ways, including hypersensitivity (overreaction to sensory stimuli) or hyposensitivity (underreacting to sensory stimuli). Common sensory domains include sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Creating Sensory-Friendly Day Trips

Plan Ahead:

Research destinations: Look for places that are known for being sensory-friendly or have quieter and calmer environments.

Timing: Consider going during off-peak hours to avoid crowds and noise. Also consider the time of day when your family is at their best. If it is early in the day, then plan to start the day early for your day trip. Consider how long you will spend exploring or add a break before finishing the day. This will keep your family from being exhausted.

Communication: Contact the destination in advance to inquire about their sensory-friendly offerings or accommodations.

Choose the Right Destination:

Nature reserves and parks: These locations often provide a peaceful and natural environment with fewer sensory triggers.

Museums and cultural centers: Some museums offer sensory-friendly hours or special tours with reduced lighting and noise levels.

Beaches: The soothing sound of waves and the sensation of sand can be comforting for some individuals with sensory sensitivities. This can be a fabulous day trip, especially if your child/teen is sensory seeking. My eldest is and this is one of his favorites. He loves chasing the waves, sitting in the sand, digging in it, and burying any and everything. My youngest is sensory adverse, so this is not an option for him. This is where knowing what will work will help you.

Sensory-Friendly Tools:

Noise-cancelling headphones: These can help reduce auditory overload in noisy environments.

Sensory toys or fidget tools: Provide individuals with items to help self-regulate and manage sensory input.

Sunglasses or hats: These can help reduce the intensity of sunlight or glare.

Prepare a Sensory-Friendly Kit:

Include items like earplugs, sensory-friendly snacks, a visual schedule, and comfort items like a blanket or stuffed animal.

Sensory Break Areas:

Identify quiet spaces or designated sensory break areas where individuals can retreat if they become overwhelmed.

Visual Supports:

Use visual schedules or social stories to help individuals understand and prepare for the trip.

Respect Individual Needs:

Be flexible and patient, allowing for breaks or changes in plans if needed.

Ask individuals about their preferences and sensory triggers in advance.

Share Information:

Educate your group or community about sensory sensitivities and the importance of creating inclusive day trips.


Sensory-friendly day trips are a wonderful way to ensure that individuals with sensory sensitivities can enjoy meaningful and stress-free adventures. By planning, choosing the right destination, and providing necessary tools and accommodations, you can create inclusive experiences that cater to everyone's needs. Remember that understanding and empathy are key to making these day trips a success, so be open to feedback and willing to adapt your plans as needed. Together, we can make day trips accessible and enjoyable for all.

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