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“Everyone Deserves to Travel!" Book Excerpt

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery through travel! In a world where the allure of exotic destinations often overshadows the importance of inner growth, "Everyone Deserves to Travel!" invites you to embark on a different kind of adventure—a voyage that begins with introspection and ends with legendary exploration.

In this groundbreaking travel book, we delve deep into the essence of wanderlust, not merely as a desire to see the world, but as a profound journey of personal evolution. I wanted to write this travel book for a while because I absolutely believe that everyone DOES deserve to travel! When you are traveling, you are doing more than just a vacation, you are making memories, you are learning not only about yourself, but the environment that is surrounding you. 

In this book, I have set out to help you with any stumbling blocks you may have to travel, to look within and outside yourself. At the end of each chapter, you are provided an “action plan” to help you implement the tools learned. The goal is always to help you on your way to becoming a traveler that one hears about. This book challenges the conventional narrative of travel, emphasizing the significance of working on oneself before setting foot on distant shores.

But "Everyone Deserves to Travel!" is not just about introspection—it is about transformation. As readers delve deeper into their own psyches, they will discover the keys to unlocking their full potential as travelers. From overcoming limiting beliefs to cultivating a mindset of abundance and curiosity, this book empowers individuals to not only see the world but to truly experience it in all its richness and diversity.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter Inspirational Travel, “We work hard every day during our lives, and we look forward to weekends (although many of us have to work on weekends, too). When it comes to vacations, most people fall into two categories of vacationers: 1) we want to relax and sit, or 2) we want to fill the vacation with so many activities that we are constantly go-go-go. If you are one of the second types, your vacations probably seem a lot like your everyday life. I am exhausted, and I am just writing about it! I know, I know: you came all this way and spent all this money, and you do not want to miss anything. But I really want you to find some time for just YOU on your vacation. 

During your next vacation (and every one after that), you need to find an activity that fills you up and inspires you. This could be a spa activity, an excursion with animals, hiking…you get the idea. This could be time just by yourself on the beach or taking a sailboat ride. It is not selfish to take some time for yourself. With this love and exploration, you will be a better person. You will connect with yourself more. More importantly, you will light your fire deep within.

You might be wondering why inspiration is so important when considering travel. Your vacation can be more than just an escape or a time to relax or bond with family and friends; it could literally be life changing for you!”

Join us as we redefine the meaning of wanderlust, transcending mere tourism to become legendary travelers in our own right. Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or a curious soul taking your first steps beyond familiar horizons, "Everyone Deserves to Travel!" is your passport to a world of self-discovery, adventure, and limitless possibility. So, pack your bags, open your heart, and let the journey begin.

I want to share with you where you can meet me for the pop-up book signing on June 8th! 

I will be at Macy’s Westshore Mall, 298 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL

1:00 Let’s Talk Travel

2:00 Book Launch

2:30 Book Signing

3:00 Let’s Talk Travel

4:00Event End

I have been hard at work on my next book title and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Travel inspires me and I take every opportunity to share my passion with each of you. I always say that Everyone Deserves to Travel and that is the title of my new book. It’s got some incredible personal stories about my travels around the world, as well as tips to help you become a confidently legendary traveler.

You see I know that part of traveling is learning the ropes of wandering the world. Stay tuned for more on how you can order my new title and I am excited to share that you can join me on June 8 at Macy’s Westshore Mall in Tampa, Florida from 1-4 PM for my pop up launch event. I can’t wait to see you there!

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