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Travel is Possible: Autism Friendly Travel Toys and Fidgets

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Fidgets are necessary in our family. They are needed in a variety of places. We take them everywhere. We use them in everyday situations, but also in travel. If you are standing in line waiting to board a plane, standing in line for customs, you get the point. There is a lot of standing, and many lines. We have two autistic kids, but we also have other diagnosis to include ADHD. We keep them handy and ready to use. The ones that I recommend have been tested and used by my children.

Jenifer’s Autism Friendly Fidgets and Toys

#1 Popper Spinner

I recently found this when I was looking for a gift to give when I had my book signing. I absolutely love this. It combines two favorites into one toy. It is the traditional spinner that we all know and love. However, at the ends of the spinners have the popper where kids can push and pop. It comes in a few colors that also make it appealing for kids and teens too. So fun! This not only helps with autism but is fantastic for ADHD and anxiety. Here is a link if you are interested:

#2 Magnetic Ball Fidget Toy

My teenager loves this toy who is sensory seeking son. He can just play with the balls, form them into various shapes and stack them.

**Caution: these are very tiny magnetic balls. Ensure your child is not a risk for swallowing this fidget. **

#3 Fidget Controller

This is one of my teenager’s favorite fidgets. It has fourteen different functions built into one fidget. It has buttons, joystick, switch, stress ball, massage area, worry groove,3gears, shift, roller, scroll, click buttons, and more. What makes it appealing is that it is shaped like a joystick and has colors on it. Here is the link:

#4 Matchbox Cars

These little cars are under one dollar, lightweight and fit anywhere. We keep a few of these in our fidget bag and ready to pull out for our younger one. While he just turned thirteen, he is mentally delayed and will always love these cars. His favorite color is yellow, so one that is yellow is necessary. We mix it up with the rest of the selection for travel toys.

#5 Hand-held small characters

I keep a few handheld characters on hand. It helps their imagination, and they are small. You usually can find a pack under $10. My youngest likes minions so we have a pack with a few minions and Gru. They are approximately two inches high. He also enjoys Micky Mouse. He has one of their playhouses, so we carry a few of the characters with us. He plays with them or puts them on the cars.

#6 Play Pack

This is an all-in-one pack that contains stickers, coloring book with crayons and a little story. You can find them at the check-out line usually at Wal-Mart. It contains everything in a zip lock bag, so you do not have to gather all the bits and pieces yourself. It is so handy.

#7 Box of Fidgets

To jump start your collection of autism friendly travel toys and fidgets, purchase of box of fidgets. I started this way and added a few pieces such as a Rubix cube and the other suggestions above. Here is one I recommend:

What is the Next Step?

You have gathered all your Autism Friendly Travel Toys and Fidgets, what is next? I keep a drawer full right next to where we exit the house. I like to keep the fidgets and toys fresh, so it keeps it exciting for our boys, so they do not get bored. This means they will play with the fidget for more than a few minutes.

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Thank you for reading my first blog. I appreciate all of you!

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