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Travel IS Possible: Autism Friendly Travel within Miami

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Autism Friendly Travel within the vibrant city of Miami. Tailored for those with a nuanced understanding of autism, this blog delves into the intricacies of creating a travel experience that caters to the unique needs of individuals on the spectrum. Miami, known for its diverse culture and dynamic atmosphere, offers a plethora of opportunities for inclusive and sensory-friendly exploration. In this guide, we navigate through the city's autism-friendly attractions. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a professional in the field, or a family member seeking a thoughtful journey, join us on this insightful exploration of Miami's offerings for those seeking an autism-friendly escape.

Duck Tours

This looks like a boat but is a hybrid. The boat drives on land, tours around the city and has duck calls. It then converts to a boat and enters the water. It only has 3-4 steps to enter the boat. My kids, who both have autism, found it funny when the duck made sounds and people looked up from the sidewalk. They also thought it was fun to ride the boat into the water. They were very curious.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is the first zoo in Florida to earn a Certified Autism Center designation. It has trained staff and is working on having sensory bags, noise cancelling headphones, and fidget toys. They are also working on creating quiet spaces for guests when they need a break from being overwhelmed with all the sensory inputs and sensory processing. I will add this to our itinerary the next time we travel to Miami.

Shake-A-Leg Miami

This is a non-profit organization that I found during my research when it was time to travel to Miami. It is an amazing organization. For a small donation, they provide a variety of watersports equipment for your family with autism to use. The equipment includes kayaks, paddleboards, sail or hobi cats. They even offer group activities. This organization is open to all abilities of all ages. I highly recommend coordinating several months in advance to ensure that equipment is available. You may need more time to plan during the summer months. My boys are not coordinated. You may feel the same way about your children. However, I challenge you to try new things. My boys tried paddleboarding. The water was shallow. They were very persistent that they would stay on. And they did! Do not be the limitation for your child. Even if they sit on the board, they are still achieving a new experience.

Island Dolphin Care

Island Dolphin Care is a non-profit located in Key Largo, which is about sixty miles away. I absolutely love this non-profit. It is only for children and families with special needs as well as veterans living with PTSD. It looks for life changing solutions through the interactions with bottle nose dolphins that could not live on their own.


In conclusion, Miami unveils itself as a welcoming destination for individuals on the autism spectrum, providing a spectrum of autism-friendly travel options. Navigating the city with ease is not only possible but also enriching, as Miami's diverse attractions cater to the unique needs of every traveler. From sensory-friendly environments to inclusive accommodations, the city embraces inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of Miami.

By adopting an autism-friendly approach, Miami opens its doors to families and individuals seeking a stress-free travel experience. As we wrap up our guide, it is evident that the city's commitment to accessibility not only enhances the overall journey but also contributes to a more inclusive and understanding society.

Embark on your Miami adventure with confidence, knowing that this vibrant city is not just a destination; it is a community that celebrates diversity and strives to make every traveler feel at home. Miami invites you to explore its beauty, savor its flavors, and create lasting memories, ensuring that your travel experience is not only seamless but also filled with joy and discovery. Traveling with ease in Miami is not just a possibility – it is a promise of a remarkable journey for everyone.

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