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It's Time to Travel!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Hello Travel Friends!

Let me take a minute to introduce myself to you. I’m Jenifer Breaux and I am a luxury travel expert based outside Tampa. I have enjoyed traveling internationally for over 20 years and sharing expert tips, as well as luxury experiences is my goal. I hope that as you get to know me we get the opportunity travel the world together. I have created some great resources to help you along the way, too.

During my time in the military, I lived in several different countries. Each place left a beautiful mark on my heart. I collected memories that I cherish to this day. I truly fell in love while experiencing the majesty of places like Africa, the Great Wall of China, and other countries across the globe. My love for new sights, coupled with the delicious cuisines of the world has truly become a passionate pursuit for me.

Today as a travel expert and influencer, I have the opportunity to share my travel experiences with you, while I encourage you to step out on confidence and travel fabulously!

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!

I am a….. - Luxury Travel Expert @iamJeniferBreaux - Posh Wanderlust - Purpose Driven Mom & Wife - Retired Army - Book Your Travel: @dvjbtravelpros

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Traci Shannon
Traci Shannon

Congratulations to you on this next step. You are truly an inspiration!

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