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Travel IS Possible: All About Bridging the Gap

As a parent of neurodivergent children myself, I understand firsthand the challenges and joys. Navigating unfamiliar environments, sensory sensitivities, life oppositions, and the need for routine can often make planning for anything seem daunting. However, I have also discovered the immense value and potential for growth that travel can offer individuals and families, regardless of their neurodiversity. Therefore, I started Bridging the Gap as an opportunity to share insights, tips, and resources specifically tailored to families with neurodivergent children. My aim is to empower them to embark on a meaningful and enriching adventure.

Before I started the Bridging the Gap and blogging, I needed to take you back 1.5 years ago. I was searching within myself. I wondered if I was on the right path. I wanted to make some changes within my business and who I was serving. I always took care of those that have children with special needs beyond just a vacation. I took the time to talk to the family, see how school and therapies were going and how they were doing. I wanted to let them know that they were seen and not alone. It was not one special day, but I felt this calling in my heart to do more, to take care of this community in a bigger way. 

I had always spotlighted businesses on my page throughout the month of April. I supported other businesses that supported children like mine from using their services to spreading the word. I also tried to connect families to their businesses. It is about community and helping each other.

Dr. Brandi Tanner's Keynote at Bridging the Gap 2023

When I felt this calling, Bridging the Gap began to come to life. I always knew I wanted to do some type of conference. I attended several when I lived in Texas. They were amazing. They lifted me up, provided me with so much information and hope. This was only the first step.

The second step was to try to help others with their travel. I absolutely love to travel. I am a lifetime learner. I love to learn about other cultures, history, language and so much more. I want to see the world. My parents had these books on their bookshelf when I was growing up. Each book had a colorful book jacket and the name of one amazing place to see. For example: Rome, The Great Wall of China, The Vatican, and more. I always dreamed of exploring all these places. It is incredible because I am from a small town and back then I never thought I would have traveled around the world several times. I love to talk to others about their trips and their experiences.

With that love of travel, and our experiences with our children, I wanted to share that with others. I really wanted to make it easier for families to have a guide with them that they could use for every mode of travel. I know firsthand that it is not easy. I know that a simple trip to the beach could be challenging. This is why I wrote my book “Travel IS Possible” To share a short story. My eldest son is sensory seeking. He used to fall down on purpose. When we adopted our youngest, he was non-verbal. He didn’t know how to pretend to play or even make car noises. He would see our eldest son fall and he would fall too. He did not know he was not supposed to do that.

My book is still available through Amazon:

I walk in your shoes every day. Back to my eldest and being sensory seeking. He absolutely loves the beach. He loves digging in the sand, burying others' feet in the sand, making forts in the sand, sitting in it and chasing the waves. He LOVES it! Now…my youngest is sensory adverse. He does not like tags in his clothes. If he sees a string on his sock, shirt, etc. he will pull it until his sock is disintegrated or he may have a half shirt left. He does NOT like the beach. We will pull up and he will say “all done”. We have not gotten out of the car yet and he is done. I have to do a countdown, but a timer on to get him out of the car. If I can get him to the water, he will enjoy that for a while.

I do know and understand that the daily struggle is real and I am telling you that you can go on a vacation. It may sound crazy. But I truly believe that Travel IS Possible. You are warriors. Your children are warriors. You are amazing. 

From the conference and the book, I just knew that I could not end it. I had to continue to create and give to anyone who is reading this and listening to this. This is why I write “Travel is Possible” blogs the last week of every month. I want to continue to pour out my love, my admiration and information to our community.

In just a few days, I will host my 2nd annual “Bridging the Gap” Conference. This year it is online so that I can reach more people. This year, I have invited Dr. Brandi Tanner. She is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Advocate. She is phenomenal. So many questions last year for her. Bring your pencils!

Additionally, there will be a panel of moms, one is a travel agent and another created her own non-profit. They both have children on the spectrum. Finally I will close out the afternoon.

Please mark  your calendars for April 20th from 2-4. Here is the link.

And for signing up, you will receive my free eBook: Ultimate Top 10 Travel Trips with a bonus inside.

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